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I find it amusing that you try to explain why men shouldn’t be aroused by lesbians by saying lesbians will never be interested in men. “Sexual fantasy operates according to its own set of rules that have nothing to do with propriety, common sense, or even physical laws. Billionaires and celebrities, for instance, are often attracted to women who are unlikely to reciprocate.”


Mad Lesbian Porn said that when it comes to fantasy, it gets even weirder than being into people who aren’t into you. “There are many people who have erotic fantasies of shrinking to the size of a mouse or transforming into a furry rabbit,” he stated.


Contrary to popular belief, women tend to love gay male porn more than gay male porn. I would say that at least not in the same way. Gay and straight women have erotic fantasies that are emotionally and narratively driven, unlike most men, according to Ogas. Brokeback Mountain may have been enjoyed by straight women, but it is most likely because of the story.


The professor of psychology at Northwestern University whose research focuses on arousal has found that when women are asked, they do not get turned on by sex scenes featuring two men.

However, researchers have found that when they measure women’s levels of genital arousal, they enjoy erotica that features two women, two men, or a heterosexual couple equally.