How to Make a Sex Doll

How to Make a Sex Doll on a limited Budget

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How to make a sex doll if you are a person who wants a sex doll but does not have the budget to buy one? It could be you are a young individual just getting into society, an older person living on a pension salary, a middle-aged person who must support a family, or a student.

When you have a smaller budget and a limited budget, this article will help you choose a cheap sex doll online!

Saving budget can be divided into smart and no smart methods.

Even though the same design, materials, workmanship, intelligent and non-intelligent sex dolls, as well as personalization options, such as full customization, there have to be some differences in price because the intelligent part of the cost, as an “accessory” for increasing the intelligence, naturally costs more.

Choosing non-intelligent sex dolls, such as 140cm best sale sex dolls, is a better option if your budget is limited.

In terms of smart sound, body temperature, and other possible smart features, non-intelligent TPE sex dolls will be at a disadvantage, but because non-intelligent sex dolls are also quality products, other aspects, smart and non-smart sex dolls will not differ too much. Therefore, apart from the possibility that they cannot make sound and cannot be heated automatically, they will still be quality products!

How To Make a Sex Doll

Generally, you should choose a sex doll that is between 140 – 150 cm tall, or a sex doll with thin waists or slim bodies, both real and not too light in weight, is what most users choose. If you have a limited budget, you can also visit where they offer premium quality TPE dolls at a variety of prices, and most of the customization features can be purchased for a low fee.

Solid Sex Doll on a Low Budget

How to Make a Sex Doll on a limited Budget

As a rule, I say, “Keep saving,” since the cheapest solid sex dolls (full size) cost at least $800. There are a few options for scaling down the dolls ($300-$2,000) or using torsos ($200-$200 for Meiki Plush Dolls). You only have a few options if you want to buy a full doll under $200…

That’s why I decided to share with you four different solid sex doll options that you can purchase for less than $200. If you are like me, you have limited or no arts and crafts skills, limited resources, and won’t be able to save at least $600 for a used Teddy Babe Deluxe. Imagination and some craftsmanship are required for some of these options, but all are achievable and can produce decent results.

The cost is zero to seventy dollars (cost of household items: 0 to 70 dollars).

Alright, you have no other choice than to make one from household items since you are so broke. There are some balloons, duct tape, scissors, and some stolen clothes from a female you know (hope your sister won’t miss those shorts). The result of several hours of sweat, hard work, and some ball swelling is this.

The second option involves filling an inflatable doll (Cost: $20 -?)

You can also fill an inflatable doll with stuffing like poly fiber stuffing or pillow stuffing to make it more comfortable. It can be purchased in most department and hobby stores, it is relatively inexpensive, and no one will be suspicious of it. You can fill either doll with fiber filling after maybe an hour of shoving fiber filling into it, and you’ll have a nice shaped doll to play with.

Having an inflatable doll that leaks isn’t a big deal since you can transform it into a solid. You will need to add the cost of an inflatable doll if you don’t already have one. The doll may cost $20 from Pipedream, $40 from California Exotics, or over $100 if it’s a high-end one. If you are buying the doll, I would recommend getting one from the Love Body collection (around $40), the Airi Himekawa (around $35), or the classic Yumi (between $30 and $50).

The third option is to modify a thrift store plush doll. (Cost: $3 – $20)

How to Make a Sex Doll on a limited BudgetAssuming that you don’t have an inflatable sex doll or that your budget for this is less than $20, you’re out of luck. You can find plush dolls at your nearest thrift shop if you decide to hump something in that case…

It doesn’t matter who you are… as Teddy Love has demonstrated, it doesn’t matter if you’re a furry fan. Almost every popular and fantasy character is now available as a plush doll, so you don’t have to limit yourself to teddy bears or any other animals. There are a variety of plush dolls available, ranging from M&M’s to Simpsons to Disney characters. Rules 34 and 35 are non-negotiable!

You should get a plush doll a minimum of 24 inches tall for a sex doll that will work for both small and medium-sized masturbators. If you want a larger toy like Bad Dragon’s pussies or Fleshlights, you’ll need a doll that is 36-48 inches tall. Depending on your preferences, you then make your new “lover” a strategically placed hole (SPH) or appendix (SPA). In some cases, a sock can work perfectly with some badly done stitching – SPHs don’t need much sewing magic.

Aside from the purple horse I bought for $3, I also got a Pikachu for $2.50, a Tinkerbell for $4, and an Esmeralda for $8. Even though they are potential childhood destroyers to those who see me fucking the shit out of them, they are still budget-conscious hump pillows.

The fourth option is to modify a mannequin (up to $200)

Obviously, you do not want to fuck a plush doll… however, you can also modify a display mannequin at a thrift shop.

Several guys, including myself, who could not afford the $4,000 to $10,000 for a silicone doll used this option. Due to the constant “improvements” we make to the selected mannequin, this option can easily prove to be beyond the budget.

You can purchase used mannequins for as little as $10 (with some scratches or missing parts), and depending on your creativity, you may be able to add “soft parts” such as breasts, their asses and vaginas, as well as oral sex simulators. In the event that you are too creative with your “upgrades,” your budget can easily be increased to $500. Additionally, modifying a hard mannequin will require extensive handwork with plastic, epoxy, or fiberglass compounds, so if you are not comfortable handling these materials (like me), do not attempt to modify one.

Due to my limited skills, tools, and space, I opted for soft-bodied mannequins instead of plastic or fiberglass bodies. Several years ago, I found these soft mannequins on E-bay (search for poseable mannequins), and at prices around $100 per piece, they were well within my budget and within my capabilities to modify.

A vendor called Novelleco sold me two oral heads about three years ago. Their greatness was hindered by the lack of a body. These mannequins were perfect because they were light, durable, and easy to modify. There are five full-sized mannequins, each 5’8″ tall and 25 pounds. They are easy to repair and modify.

The bodies are filled with fiberfill (the same type used to fill plush dolls and pillows). They come with wire skeletons, plastic hands, and three different shapes – a thin male, a muscular male, and a guy with a belly. The heads are foamed. They are not too detailed, but they are light and easy to customize. I made my first dolls using a solid support for the heads and replacing them with silicone oral heads. It costs around $200 to have a child… you read that correctly!

After playing with Monica and Maritza for three years now, I bought two more bodies – one female and one male – for a flat chested female version. In fact, I liked these bodies so much that I bought them twice more. The new sex dolls will have floppy heads and hands (I will remove the wire skeleton). The price will be $5 per doll. There are three thrift shops in my neighborhood that have a good selection of hands and heads, which cost just $135 on average. I will make and post a video when I return from my trip in late August, but I won’t be able to do it this week – I’m leaving for vacations next week.

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