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Sex Toys: 9 Sexual Wellness Tips for Intimate Health

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Sex Toys: Sexual well-being is part of our lives, and maintaining a healthy and enjoyable sex life is important. Especially for those who are pornostar escort, it’s important having at home a wide array of sex toys to have fun with customers. Check out some tips and products we have prepared for you.

More and more people are talking about (sex toys) sexual well-being and intimate, female and male health tips. These discussions are enriching, as they help care for the body and mind, and make the search for pleasure easier.

What is sexual wellness?

Sexual well-being involves a set of care for our Intimate and General Health with the guidance of health professionals, but it also encompasses other factors, such as sexuality, pleasure, relationships, desires, etc.

It is possible to seek sexual well-being on your own or as a couple. In both situations, it is important to know your own body, deal well with emotions, take care of intimate health and seek knowledge about what is most pleasurable for you.

Couple’s sexual well-being

Lack of communication is often the main problem between couples, which ultimately negatively affects sexual well-being.

The search for a balance between the couple’s expectations and reality can bring benefits and improve the quality of life of the people involved. A healthy sex life helps, for example, with stress relief, reduces anxiety and improves blood circulation.

Solo sexual well-being

Pleasure is not tied to the presence of another person. Self-knowledge is one of the most important tools for sexual well-being.

It is essential to seek information on hygiene and intimate health, both for women and for men, to know your body and know what you like. 

Feeling pleasure alone is the key to having sexual well-being when you are not in a relationship.

sex toys

What are the benefits of sexual wellness?

Both sexual intercourse with another person and self-pleasure are beneficial for mental and physical health. These moments of pleasure strengthen the immune system, which is able to prevent infections and even endometriosis. 

In addition, sexual well-being improves the quality of sleep due to the release of high doses of endorphins that occur after orgasm. The balance of dopamine levels helps the person to have more libido, and the relaxation of muscle tensions is another benefit linked to sexual pleasure.

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4 intimate health tips for sexual well-being

There are many ways to practice self-care and explore your pleasure, keeping your health up to date means taking care of both your body and mind. 

Following health care tips to maintain well-being and intimate health are two important precautions to have quality of life, remember to consult a medical specialist to find the best method for you.

Check out 4 intimate health tips to conquer or maintain sexual well-being.

  1. Know your body

Knowing your body means exploring it. In addition to knowing more about your anatomy, you can test the erogenous zones to understand which are the most and least sensitive points. That way, it’s easier to find out what’s pleasurable to you.

Self-knowledge is capable of accelerating and even enhancing orgasms. Be sure to touch, feel and experience new sensations to have more sexual well-being.

  1. Don’t hide your emotions

A survey carried out by the University of São Paulo with 3,000 women (between 18 and 70 years old) from all over Brazil revealed that more than half (55.6%) have difficulties reaching orgasm . 

Stress is a factor that can influence this situation, which leads us to the following conclusion: it is necessary to know how to deal with emotions in order to have sexual well-being.

Although the study portrays the reality of women, men also need to develop this skill. A good start is not to pretend you like something if you don’t enjoy it. 

Understand their preferences and, if you are in a relationship with someone, talk to them about it.

  1. Take care of your intimate hygiene

Both women’s and men’s intimate health are important for sexual well-being. Maintaining hygiene habits and seeking intimate health tips are actions that prevent infections, inflammations and other diseases.

Taking care of the intimate area goes beyond taking regular exams, which is essential to keep your health up to date and have quality of life. 

The skin in the intimate region is more sensitive, so it is interesting to use products aimed at this area, which do not change the pH or cause irritation.

  1. Allow yourself to experience

Whether alone or with someone, experiencing new sensations, textures, fragrances and possibilities is an excellent way to achieve sexual well-being.

Sex toys, oils, scented candles, costumes and other accessories, erotic or not, enhance the sexual experience and can open the mind to a new world of sensations and possibilities.

There are several functions, sizes, colors, shapes and textures of sex toys. It’s worth trying these props for new opportunities for pleasure!

5 products that can help with sexual well-being

There are several products aimed at sexual well-being. Below, we list 5 of them to have at home to explore new sensations, textures and pleasures.

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  1. Massagers

Used in different areas of the body such as the back, shoulders, legs, lower back, feet and hands, for example, Massagers can be purchased in the form of a cream or oil.

Those looking for pleasure on their own can take advantage of the electric massagers to feel the body have a moment of relaxation. 

If you prefer to use this product with someone special, it is worth valuing the touch and companionship, which make the intimate moment more interesting and pleasurable.

  1. Body Oils

There are Body Oils with different proposals, from cooling the body to others that warm up, not to mention the aromatic ones. 

It’s worth experimenting with the different body oil options to find out what works best for you.

Spread the product over the body and, if specific for that purpose, over the erogenous zones. The feeling of gliding easily across the skin makes the intimate moment more pleasurable, fragrant and delicious to the touch!

  1. Lubricants

From common ones to vibrating ones that offer a pulsating sensation, Lubricants are excellent allies of pleasure. These products facilitate the penetration and use of sex toys, in addition to offering different textures, smells and even flavors

  1. Vibrators (Sex Toys)

Vibrators are the best known Sex Toys and the first that come to mind when we talk about sexual well-being. Nowadays, it is easy to find vibrators of different sizes, colors, shapes and functions.

Look for the model that best matches your needs and desires to use as a couple or alone. Don’t be shy about using this interesting accessory!

  1. Condoms

In addition to being essential for preventing pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (ISTs), condoms are great allies of sex life!

If used correctly, the product is capable of increasing the sensation of pleasure, as it reduces friction and prolongs penetration time. In addition, there are several models of condoms created specifically to give more pleasure to those who use them with different textures, flavors and even colors!

Remember never to reuse the condom after taking it off and to check that the condom is compatible with oils, lubricants and other products.

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